At 76 I am one of a very few that has been receiving TRT

via hormone pellets since 1991 The pellets have been around since the 50′s and now approved for men in the US. The scarcity of pellet providers is a plague and those few that do provide pellets frequently offer too few to be helpfull.

I do not know how you will be able to find such a doctor in Canada but I get these pellets every 4 months at a cost of about $450 per visit.
Insurance does not cover this in the US but in Augusta, GA Medicare does cover it. Not so in other parts of the US.

This does not cure ED as you have probable found out.

New member ,thanx for letting me join

i am a 75 yr. old the last approx. 5 yrs.i have been on androgel,which was really good for interest in sex and overall pick you upper.[can no longer afford to continue this have tried sildenafil citrate 100mg - it worked, use cialis 20 mg. which i divide in 4 and take every 3rd. day it works,but do not have the strong desire.also use penis pump as exersize ,use it or lose it.wife not interested in sex makes it difficult when this thing is immportent to just half the partnership.i live in canada but am a korean war vet.[u.s.n] the v.a. in the u.s. will cover these costs for andro-gel etc.but i am not going to bother.i know this is probabley more than this group wants to know.just that most things work .pick your poison lol.

I hope I don’t anger our Muslim member or any other member by what I write here

Perhaps the reason for the inability to get a serious erection without masturbation is that the young man is actually gay. I think that if he is a straight man, he will have no problem getting an erection with his bride-to-be. Gay men practice masturbation also, perhaps too much, out of necessity. And I have read that the practice of masturbation inclines a person to respond with an erection only through masturbation(old habits die hard). Well, gay men and straight men usually don’t have a problem getting an erection when they are with someone of their preferred sex. But if a person is faced with having sex with someone not of their preferred sex, then there probably won’t be an erection without much fantasizing.

And maybe the admonitions about not masturbating were created so that people would not develop a preference for self-sex rather than sex with another person. “Hansel and Gretel,” like so many tales, were told to prevent children from wandering and getting lost in forests. The same could hold true for the “you’re going to go blind” warnings concerning masturbation. It can get to be a habit, and one that is preferred to sex with another person.

I wish to ask our Muslim member what he fantasizes about when he is masturbating. He need not respond here, but his response to himself will tell him if he is straight, gay, or bi-sexual.

Again, I am not writing to “accuse” our member of being gay. And I also do not intend to state that being gay is “wrong” or “inferior” to being straight. It’s just what it is, just as being bi-sexual is another sexual state.
WE are born to be gay or straight or bi-sexual, even though we may “jump the fence” from time to time to determine our natural sexual orientation. Those who like chocolate ice cream do often try vanilla or even pineapple sherbert.

Scrotal angiokeratoma fordyce

I am a new member to this blog “Health Information”. I have problems with ED, had the struggle for about 4 years. My doc has started me on viagra which has helped. My confidence is still quite low after having quite a tough time trying to deal with ED.
I also have a problem with Scrotal Angiokeratoma Fordyce [blood blisters on underside of scrotum] Do any other group members have this condition? I need some advice as to how to deal with this.



I’ve been put on Clonidine 0.2mg BID.
Is there any danger taking ED meds “Viagra” along with the Clonidine???
Thanks for any response.